Business Organization and Transactions

Business Organization and Transactions

We have years of hands-on experience advising and representing business clients both large and small. Rich Rosenthal attorneys strive to identify and avoid potential areas of legal controversy before they arise whenever possible, and to resolve conflicts promptly, simply, and cost-effectively when they do occur. We represent all kinds of businesses—from sole proprietors and small family-owned businesses all the way to large national corporations.

A large share of our litigation practice involves commercial disputes. By both advising businesses and representing them in court, Rich Rosenthal is in a good position to help clients avoid controversies. Once conflicts have arisen, our experience and knowledge of our clients’ business and commercial affairs help us to be more effective in resolving them whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, or judicial process. See Civil and Commercial Litigation.

Our litigation experience helps us to sensitize business clients to many of the most serious legal pitfalls and hazards facing them, and to develop realistic and effective countermeasures. In business organizations and transations, we emphasize the use of careful planning to guard against the legal liabilities businesses face in courts every day. Our attorneys have helped clients form, govern, and operate hundreds of businesses. We have assisted in the purchase, sale, transfer, and dissolution of many more. We draft all types of contracts: shareholder and employment agreements, customer contracts, and vendor agreements. We work with our clients to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local governmental requirements, to protect commercial and intellectual property such as trade secrets, to provide for a stable and loyal work force, and to defuse crises when they arise. We also offer business checkups to our clients in order to keep business leaders informed and to ward off problems before they turn into lawsuits.

Non-profit organizations have their own special needs, whether membership based or organized with a perpetual board. We can prepare articles of incorporation, bylaws and minutes to ensure orderly governance. We can also prepare internal EEO and conflict of interest policies. We will work with your CPA to obtain and maintain tax exempt status.

Rich Rosenthal attorneys have extensive experience on both sides of employment issues. We have represented both employers and employees in disputes involving racial, sexual, age, and disability discrimination. From this diverse background, Rich Rosenthal has the knowledge and experience to advise either management or employee of their respective rights and responsibilities in these difficult and troubling areas and to vindicate those rights, where necessary, in administrative and judicial proceedings.