Construction Law

Construction Law

Rich Rosenthal’s Construction Law Practice engages in all the nuts and bolts of a construction project. We represent architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and owners in construction industry matters, across various private and/or public sector organizations. We advise clients regarding risk management throughout the entire construction project, from the conceptualization of the project and negotiating contracts, through post-substantial completion issues.

Rich Rosenthal’s Construction Law team assists clients with conducting a cost-benefit analysis in prosecuting and/or defending an action. We are experienced in representing clients in matters involving commercial and residential construction projects in a variety of dispute resolution forums, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Our experience spans both bench and jury trials in state and federal courts, as well as governmental boards. We also provide professional liability insurance defense to design professionals. We engage in risk analysis, evaluation, allocation, and management. We also provide pre-claim counseling to clients when an issue is brought to a client’s attention but has yet to escalate to a formal claim. In the pre-claim status, we work with our clients to mitigate damages and begin formulating a resolution plan.

We assist with the preparation and negotiation of contracts from the purchase of the land to completion of construction, including architect-owner agreements, architect-sub consultant agreements, owner-general contractor agreements, general contractor-subcontractor agreements, and design-build agreements.

Rich Rosenthal’s Construction Law Practice proficiently handles contract enforcement issues, including change order issues, payment disputes, termination disputes, and delay claims; asserts and enforces mechanic’s liens and payment or performance bond claims, and works out payment plans for monetary defaults. Our client’s range from individuals to small businesses to large corporations with multi-million dollar project budgets.

Our Rich Rosenthal team is also well versed in providing legal assistance to its construction clients with issues related to employment law, land use law, government contracts law, and corporate formation, merger, and/or dissolution.